Writing A Qualitative Dissertation - A Guide For Students


Writing a dissertation is an important phase in the life any student pursuing higher education because through this the professors and teachers check if a student is ready and matured in his words or not. Typically, there are two methodologies of writing a thesis. One is the quantitative method whereas the other one is the qualitative method. The quantitative method is focused more on the number, graphs, and statistics. Whereas, the qualitative method is focused more on in depth analysis and finding out the “Why” behind the numbers and statistics. It is important to remember here that, the methodology should be focused and based on the research question which is asked in the research paper.

That being said, today I will guide you on how to properly structure your qualitative dissertation so that it is well-organized and you are able to effectively communicate your message and research to your readers through your research paper. That’s why it is imperative that you follow the following outline:

  1. Introduction:
  2. Give a brief yet strong introduction to captivate the readers so that they are curious to read further.

  3. Research Design:
  4. Research Questions:
  5. In this section, you will include what question you would like to answer in your thesis.

  6. Participants:
  7. The people or subjects who participated in your research and helped you in getting to the conclusion. It is important that the participants are informed, and they are willingly taking part in your research.

  8. Data Collection:
  9. In this section, you will highlight the methods used to collect the data like Questionnaires, Focus Groups etc.

  10. Data Analysis:
  11. Over here you will Analyze the data collected and aim to tell your readers that what does the results in the data collection part mean and how ere those results achieved.

  12. Conclusion:
  13. Now you will conclude your writing and leave by further re-emphasizing the point you made in the introduction part of your paper and also backed your claims you’ve made throughout the paper.


In the end, I would like to conclude by saying that I have mentioned above a comprehensive and detailed outline on how to write an effective and strong dissertation paper that is bound to catch the interest of everyone who will read your research and you may end up with a good grade which you didn’t expect.

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