Finding A Well Written Dissertation Literature Review Sample

A literature review forms the main mass of a dissertation. Unless your literature review is perfect your whole dissertation can go down. The literature review is where you analyze your dissertation for the reader. This is the part where you provide the methodology of your research and talk about the data findings and explain important concepts. Literature review is quite length and can’t be just written. One must plan and format their literature before hand. A first timer can have a lot of problems in writing and planning their literature review. It is advisable that you look at well written literature reviews in order to serve as examples for writing yours. There are various sources from where you can obtain example literature reviews.

Research paper archives

Research paper archives are where all the good dissertations are stored. Your university is likely going to have their own archive where all the best dissertations done over the years have been stored. This is one good source of getting good literature reviews. Good projects are likely going to have a good literature review. If you look at these dissertation papers you are going to have a good idea of the kind of literature review you are expected to write by your supervisor. You get to know about the format that is preferred by your university. They are really excellent sources for getting literature reviews written by students at your level. You might even find a dissertation that is similar to your topic. You can learn how to go about research by reading their literature review.


The internet as usual features on this list. The internet too is an archive where you can look at literature review examples. It not only has pdf files of dissertations that have been written by people all over the world, it has friendly dissertation examples. Generally it can be taxing to go through a huge amount of dissertations just to read the dissertation reviews. Many people go through many dissertations to get one that resembles their topic. For that you can easily find websites that contain hundred of research papers. But if you are one who is simply looking for a dissertation sample to base your literature review on, you can easily get formats. These formats are exemplary and extremely friendly. They also give instructions as to how to go about the process.

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