Selection Of 12 Interesting PhD Thesis Topics In Marketing

The basic part of a PhD thesis is selection of a particular topic for your research. It is half the work done, once the topic has been chosen. Choosing a topic which would give you the maximum scope for research and contains ample amount of material to work on requires energy, time and resources. A lot of factors come into play while choosing a topic for your PhD. The topic should be a grade fetcher, it must be interesting, must have relevance in the modern world, etc. marketing encompasses a lot of areas, so there is no dearth of topics. Though, availability of a variety of topics confuses the students further and complicates their decision. In the following list is compiled a set of twelve PhD thesis topics which have been rated top class in the field of marketing.

  1. A study in e-commerce systems of the relationship that exists between the various attributes of a website of a certain business and how the attributes contribute to customer satisfaction.
  2. Comparing and studying the use of cell phone advertising as used by different companies.
  3. Studying how the product, market and organizational characteristics directly/indirectly have an effect on market research practices.
  4. The effects that can be seen in terms of customer satisfaction when employees are smiling on customer during transaction in a particular country especially in the banks and cellular industries.
  5. Nature of customer loyalty: the impact that the image of a brand or attributes have on it. A study of a particular product category.
  6. The determinants that come into play that affects the behavior of customer when they are purchasing from mega stores.
  7. A study in identifying the gaps in quality in the banking sector: compare and study the issue in terms of bank operation scope.
  8. Study of the kind of advertisement provided by negating or promoting aspect of word of mouth. What are its effects?
  9. How does promotion of a product or service in the store directly contribute to its image?
  10. Study of the impacts of fake brands on customer’s acceptance of their original brands.
  11. How deceptive advertising affect consumer loyalty in the telecom sector.
  12. Study of the effect that promotion of a brand by an opinion leader has on its being desirable and worthy of purchase by others.

Pursuing any of the above topic and integrating in your hard work to research, gather and present it in your PhD is surely going to earn you success.

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