30 Outstanding Ideas To Use For Your PhD Thesis Topics: Marketing

Whether you want to use the following titles as they are, or to adapt them to your personal taste, you may find the following list of 30 ideas useful when it comes to thinking of good ideas for your PhD thesis or a custom dissertation.

  1. The importance of being aware of cultural differences when developing marketing campaigns
  2. Qualitative research methods versus quantitative research methods
  3. Understanding which marketing techniques are best applied to various business models
  4. A discussion on the merits of guerrilla marketing
  5. How has online marketing enable companies to understand their target audience better
  6. How can market research be made as efficient as possible?
  7. The ethics of marketing to children, particularly in relation to unhealthy products
  8. How can marketing companies take advantage of “herd behaviour”?
  9. With reference to real-life examples, how does market regulation and other legislation influence the way in which businesses market their products?
  10. How important is marketing in homogenous markets?
  11. How much do supermarkets in oligopolistic market structures attempt to gain advantage using various marketing techniques, and how much does advertising cost as a proportion of revenues?
  12. How to use good marketing techniques to develop effective customer relations
  13. The rise of branding and economic markets
  14. Is it right for fast food companies to associate themselves with sporting events?
  15. How do celebrity endorsements help to promote products?
  16. How to tarnish a successful brand
  17. The differences between B2C and B2B buying behaviors
  18. How businesses can select the right time to deliver their message
  19. How can psychology be used in marketing in order to help persuade customers to purchase a certain product, as well as the ethics surrounding this approach to advertising?
  20. The use of sexual imagery in marketing
  21. The awareness of diversity in advertising campaigns in the 21st century
  22. How does media manipulation affect the way people view businesses and purchase their goods and services?
  23. How effective is product placement in films and TV shows?
  24. The role of advertising and brand awareness for small and medium sized businesses: what proportion of revenue should be set aside for marketing purposes?
  25. What is real-time marketing?
  26. How social media can be used to target individuals with appropriate advertising
  27. What is the future of advertising?
  28. Should products that are legally available to buy, such as tobacco and alcohol, face advertising restrictions?
  29. Is the use of small print misleading when it comes to advertising and marketing?
  30. What common mistakes to small businesses make when carrying out self-marketing promotions and campaigns?

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