A List Of Original Dissertation Topics In Behavioral Finance

Behavioral finance is a new subject for students in economics. This innovation has been brought to extend the conventional finance by including psychology and cognitive theories. Many financers are not good decision makers when they have to be perfect to overtake recession. They do mistake or behave awkwardly because of cognitive disorder. Compose a dissertation based on behavioral finance.

Find New Angles in Behavioral Finance

Emotion and mental stability are closely related to the conventional finance. There are many odd things which even world famous economists have not solved. Their heuristics are not productive or result oriented due to inability to track the mental status of a financer or investor or any entrepreneur. For instance, everybody must have bad conception about lottery or gambling. There is minuscule chance to win jackpot or billion dollars worth lottery. Powerball gambling is very tough for a bidder to win the jackpot. Say out of ten million, only one person will be declared winner eventually. Still, wealthy persons like to invest on Powerball casino. Naturally, investors have tendencies to maximize their financial wealth. They can’t behave just like a mad guy by expecting zero returns after making a heavy down payment. If it happens, it is called cognitive disorder in the behavioral finance. This cumbersome behavior of an investor must be properly scanned or evaluated.

Select Best Topics to Write Research Papers in Behavioral Finance

Find the list of well researched relevant topics to write standard papers on behavioral finance. Maybe you will have million data but you must not make the content a novel. The best topic on the behavioral finance must be easy for a writer to extend the supportive paragraphs without copying the content from Google. Well, students need to apply strategies to have more topics from the online dashboard of Google. Behavioral finance explains different reasons of taking wrong decisions in the matter of investment. Financers must have emotional disorder which forces them to behave irrationally. What is the yardstick or mechanism to track the psychological or cognitive disorders of entrepreneurs? Analyze the goal of the behavioral finance in the body of content. Reload your academic papers with powerful points, facts and examples. Evaluate the overall objectives and outcome of launching the behavioral finance course in colleges.

Conclusion is always a camera to have flashbacks of previous statements and issues with opinions of the writer. You must brief up thesis statement and specific points in the conclusion. Behavioral finance is researched based and it opens doors for exploring in the human psychology to discover many secrets of humans in behaving in an irrational way at the time of financing a company or investing on a particular industry.

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