Interesting Dissertation Topics In Financial Reporting

Financial reporting is one of the subjects/units that you will have to study in the event that you are taking a course in finance or accounting. It is in fact an important part of these subjects, because when you are through with school and get out into the field, this will be one of the key tasks that you will be handling from time to time.

It is important therefore that you know and understand the basics of financial reporting, because these are the tenets within which the rest of your career will be built. Other than that, when you are in school and you are asked to write a paper on financial reporting, you have to make sure that you choose the right dissertation topic.

The choice of your topic will often influence the kind of marks that your teacher will give you, and it is because of the same reason that you have to make sure you are very keen on how you go about this. To help you out, the following is a list of topics that you can think about when working on your financial reporting paper:

  • Discuss the concept and nature of financial reporting, highlighting some of the important procedures that have to be followed in this industry
  • Explain the need for regulation in the financial markets, and discuss some of the prominent regulatory codes that are currently applicable at an international level
  • Discuss the need for adjustments to financial reporting, especially when working on financial statements
  • Explain the important role that financial data management plays in the day to day running of businesses.
  • Discuss the significance of financial reporting, highlighting some of the key issues that are supposed to make up the study
  • There are so many ethical challenges that are usually brought to light in the face of financial reporting procedures. Explain how these challenges can easily be overcome
  • Discuss, compare and contrast the financial regulatory framework in the UK and the same in the US, highlighting the key differences between these two systems
  • Explain the ethical, legal and technological concerns that are associated with financial reporting
  • Compare and contrast full costing and successful efforts form of financial reporting. Discuss the reasons why companies usually choose to work with either of these alternatives
  • Explain the impact that international financial reporting standards usually have on the quality of accounting information

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