Dissertation Topics On Work And Life Balance: 15 Great Ideas

Work life balance is a very subjective debate. It has been fronted as one of the most difficult things to achieve. There are different interpretations of this aspect. The topic thus presents a rich repository of ideas for a dissertation. Here are some of the great ideas to consider.

  1. Work life balance and its impact on job satisfaction
  2. What does it mean to achieve work life balance?
  3. Is work life balance an escape route for the lazy?
  4. Exploring the economic benefits of work life balance
  5. Does achieving work life balance hasten or slow down aging?
  6. What is the employee perception of work life balance?
  7. Is work life balance a personal decision or can it be imposed by the employer?
  8. Are employees who have achieved work life balance more productive than those who have not?
  9. Is there a social status element in achieving work life balance?
  10. The age factor for employees searching for work life balance.
  11. Is the idea of work life balance gender sensitive
  12. What is the impact of family in the search for work life balance?
  13. How does upbringing motivate an individual into searching for work life balance?
  14. Is work life balance about me-time?
  15. Are persons perceived to have achieved work life balance healthier than the others?

It is not enough to find a good and unique topic for your dissertation. A good paper will take more than the title or topic.

  • Extensive research- read through books and other relevant materials that handle the topic of work life balance. This becomes your source of fresh ideas and facts. It is these facts and ideas that will inform your arguments. Unverified information and opinions will only weaken your paper.
  • Proper Structure- there are instructions issued by your supervisor and department on the preferred structure. Pay close attention to these instructions. Consult or use a sample to ensure that your paper meets the highest standards. When formatting, use a single style consistently. This ensures that your reader is not confused when reading through your paper.
  • Edit – errors lower the quality of your work. They also change the direction of arguments and may distort facts. To maintain a clean and coherent dissertation, ensure that it is edited after compiling. You are allowed to use a third party editor if you are doubtful of your abilities.

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