A List Of Amazing Dissertation Topics In Financial Economics

Many years ago the study of economics found before the university level of education was but a small fraction of the entire subject. This has not changed much since those days and maybe it is for the better. One should dedicate an entire year or two to the study of economics, both micro and macro. Writing your dissertation on financial economics is, in and of itself, not an extremely challenging task but when compared to the other flexible literary assignments a distinction becomes clear.

Use the list of amazing and exciting titles relating to financial economics dissertations in order to hone your skill of the exercise. Be sure to attempt all the topics at least once in order to get the most out of this insightful endeavor. Remember that an individual learns most from a challenging experience so start with this comprehensive list and watch as your grades greatly increase.

  1. Is the phenomenon of racially charged police brutality likely to lead to a triple dip downturn for the American and world economy?
  2. How will the British exit (or Brexit) from the European Union affect the economic stability of more fragile countries in the region such as Greece?
  3. How have oil producing nations recovered from the sharp dip in oil prices that occurred in the first quarter of 2016?
  4. What are the likely Economic impacts worldwide of a Trump presidency in the United States of America?
  5. How has lack of trust affected the demand for the services of banking institutions following the Great Recession of 2008?
  6. Would a second Civil War ruin the southern United States financially if they were to successfully secede this time?
  7. Would a new global currency provide enough of a buffer against the difficulties that individual currencies face within foreign exchange markets?
  8. Does the resurgence of bartering as a means of acquiring goods pose any significant challenge to mainstream banking?
  9. How has the millennial “experience economy” led to the demise of many formerly profitable business models?
  10. How would the influx of profits from inevitable asteroid mining shock the global economy?
  11. What effect would a complete eradication of non-fair trade practices from the planet have on end consumers financially?
  12. Does having clear child labor laws and a strictly upheld retirement age decrease a country’s potential GDP?
  13. How has the ease of sharing files online affected the profits that could be collected from royalties on intellectual property?

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