How To Start A Law Dissertation Discussion Section In A Proper Way?

You are really good at writing everything except discussion section in your papers and don’t know why it is? Don’t stress it is a common problem with a lot of people. Lacking skill to write it what is holding you back from top grades, what you have to do is to finish reading this article and you will learn what you have to do and how to do to get a top grade on all your assignment.

Think before hand

A good way to do it is to think about your dissertation discussion section beforehand and to base your work on your thoughts. It is not an easy way but this will make your whole work really solid and give it a good base. What you have to do is to read a lot of literature and get a good understanding of your topic then put your main points on a list and use that list to write your statements in the main body of your work. This solid structure will be more easily to understand to a reader and you will get a good grade doing that way.

Write it last

A more common way is to write your discussion section last. Good way is to read your whole work again and make a list of points and statements that is most important in your work and give your view and findings on them. Make sure to mark at least three main points and expand on them by writing at least a couple sentences on them. Try to use your words and your ideas to prove your view. When you have done that make sure to give it to some of your friends to read it and discuss it with them. If you get any pointers make sure to fix or include them that way your work will feel easier to relate to.

Seek advice

When you have your discussion section done a good strategy is to give it a couple days of rest just to clear your mind and ask some teachers to read it and give you pointers. If you can’t find any teachers who could help you always can ask your friend for help which they will do happily. If you are doing your work in groups make sure to help your friends too.

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