A Collection Of Winning Doctoral Dissertation Topics In Education

Writing a dissertation paper on education is never an easy task due to the vast scope of the subject and the various approaches that you can pick from. Educational papers tend to cover a host of topics from early years development to child rearing, the impact of the government to modern educational practices. In most instances, writing a good paper on the subject involves thorough selection of the main research question, the method for collection of data and the interpretation of the outcome.

Considering the Effects of Social Factors on Education

It is a well-known fact that various factors like ethnicity, gender and class tend to have an impact on the level of education. You can try and explore the various issues associated with each category and then work on an effective solution in your dissertation paper. Possible topics for a paper include:

  • Bilingualism vs Monolingualism – Exploring the way in which young kids with a native language other than English tend to develop in the formative years of education: a qualitative analysis of the foundation stage.
  • Do you think the modern agenda of narrowing the gap has made any major changes to the success of an underachieving group of schools in the United Kingdom? Try to substantiate your answer with relevant examples and discuss in detail the experience of one such particular group.
  • Conduct a qualitative analysis of the importance of the knowledge level of teachers, support and respect for the variations in the families of kids, linguistic backgrounds and culture in the field of high quality education.
  • Exploring the significance of plays in encouraging the success of literacy during the early years. Is it true that most teachers in primary schools tend to view the parents in terms of assets?
  • How far do you think that achievements in kids are improved due to inclusion of activities that connect the school to the home?
  • Are exams really being dumbed down or is this a creation of the modern media?
  • Is it necessary for assessments and curriculum to become more closely combined? What possible methods might be utilised for this purpose? Find out in connection to the experience of children studying in secondary schools.
  • Are teachers capable of gaining experience from the various practices of problem-based learning? Can these methods be easily implemented in our daily lives?
  • Is it true that collaborative and cooperative learning methods tend to have a positive influence on the achievements of students?

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